Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back to School!

Well, Ramadan is over, and it was great while it lasted but man fasting can be exhausting!  Kind of a relief when you're back to eating all the time.  Mehmed only lasted about a week before he lost interest.  That's ok.... better than last year, when his interest only lasted a day!  At this rate, he should be participating fully by the time he hits puberty....
He was happy to go back to school since he was getting bored....  I have to admit that while our summer was going great before Ramadan, I slowed right down to 1st gear during the fasting so he didn't have as much fun after that.
He's doing well at school, I started him back on the Concerta, which I don't like because it totally cuts his appetite, but on the other hand, it definitely works for him.   I had a meeting with the teacher and support staff and they were very positive about his behavior.   So the Concerta is working for him, and my workaround for the appetite problem is that I give him high calorie milkshakes for his lunch and snack.  He eats less during the day but the milkshakes help to make sure he doesn't lose the weight.
He has had a few problems with girls at school.  I worry because he really seems to hate them, but I think I had some interesting insight into that psychology...  I make him talk about why he hates them and he said, "they make me feel stupid, usually I get in trouble when they're around, and I'm not one of them".   I thought I'd try to dig for physical feelings, so I asked him if anything happens to his body when they're around... like, does he go blind, or deaf, or can't breathe?  (no way I was going to "lead" him on that question)....   and he says to me, "Well, there is something that I told you last year but I think you forgot" (I didn't forget but like I said, I wasn't going to lead him)... he says, real quietly, "my dinky likes them when he's being stupid"!!! LOL.
I probably shouldn't be writing that in a blog but then again, it's one of those things you don't want to forget.   So, he hates girls, but "you know who" is starting to like them and the end result... he's made that "you know who" likes them and he takes it out on the girls!   Have I unravelled the 5000 year old mystery of why boys hit girls that they like?   LOL.