Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home at last....

Well after 2 months of living out of a suitcase, I can happily say that we are home at last! Happy to see green green grass and cold weather. I guess if we had been in Canada for the last two months I'd be griping about the cold summer, but after burning day after day, seeing virtually no rain for two months and no green grass except on the odd little site that had sprinklers, I am loving our crappy Canadian weather. Here's a couple pictures of the typical Turkish landscape taken from our bus as we travelled from Didim to Ankara. Unfortunately we were travelling so often in places where there was no internet access, so I found it hard to update the blog. Maybe later I'll try to post a few pics from some of our favorite moments.
This one is from a roadside restaurant which is very typical especially in the South where the weather is warm year-round - completely outdoor, sitting on Ottoman style cushions around a low-lying table - with a vine for a roof...
Here's one of me and Mehmed (you can hardly see us) swimming at a little alcove that we went to by the side of the road as we were travelling through Marmaris.... no charge to park or swim here! The sea was so warm you could just walk in without hesitation....
One travel lesson I took for my self - don't bring a ton of suitcases... no matter where I'm going, I can't really count on having a closet and a drawer. And less to carry is way more valuable when travelling. Even if it means wearing the same 3 outfits over and washing frequently, it's far more convenient (just make sure you have access to laundry - don't get it from hotels they charge more...) And number two would be make a plan about where you want to travel and book ahead. We spent extra money in many ways because we hadn't booked ahead. One 5 star hotel which was beautiful, wanted 600 Euros for 2 nights just because it wasnt booked ahead (we didn't stay obviously) - but the same hotel only charges 50 Turkish lira per person ($38) per night when you book at least 6 months ahead. Next time I go to Turkey I would really love to stay there.... Third lesson would be stay in either Villas (where you can cook for yourself) or all-inclusive resorts, so you don't drop a ton of cash on restaurant meals.
Surprisingly I would have to say that overall Mehmed adapted really well to the hardships of travelling. For a kid who flips out if you don't give him an answer in the exact way he's imagined it in his head (verbatim), he adapted just fine to living in different places every few days. Sometimes he'd say "I really want to go home now" and I'd ask him where he meant (thinking maybe he was missing our home in Canada) and 99% of the time the answer was our hotel or my sister-in-laws house.
But there's nothing like coming home to your own house after 2 months away. Gives you a whole new appreciation for what you have.

Al Hamdu Lillah, we are home :)


  1. Welcome home, your trip sounded amazing. It must have been so nice to have all the time together.

  2. Welcome home Sue!
    I can't wait to hear more about your trip- get some more pictures up, it look so beautiful!