Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Post Ramadan Indulgence and Inspiration....

Since Ramadan is over I am entitled of course to not fast. Yesterday I did, because I have several make up days to do having been sick a few times this year, but today I just did NOT feel up to it. I think I need to re-energize myself. So right now, I am sitting at the computer desk, with a cup of tea, and a lunch of eggs, sausage, feta cheese and 2 olives. SOOOO fatty, but sooooo good. Maybe I'll gain back all the weight I lost but right now at this moment I DON'T care.
And I am spending the day reading a blog by Dave Hingsburger. He is an advocate for people with disabilities. He has written several books on the topic, and speaks at conferences, often as the keynote speaker. I had never heard of him before I discovered his blog (Called Rolling around in my Head). He has posted pretty much every day since October 2006. I've gone back to that beginning and started reading and am now up to January 2007. Some of his posts make me laugh, some of them bring out tears of empathy or joy, and to be honest one or two of them have annoyed me just a little. But the majority just inspire me to be a better human being and to try harder to connect with other human beings in the world around me. So sitting here is my indulgence and reading Dave is my inspiration. I will probably even be stuck here until 3 when I have to get ready to go get Mehmed. Until then, I will be sipping my tea with Dave....


  1. he is fantastic! I've gotten to hear him speak twice now (at various conferences for work)...So many great ideas, and encouragement... one thing I find about him though is that sometimes it's almost like he's discriminating towards people without disabilities... which is this strange reversal.... not all that comfortable, which I'm sure is what he's aiming for in it... but also insulting, because whenever I've heard him speak it's been to a group of people who are trying very hard to make positive changes for people with disabilities- and he's sort of bashed them on at least two occasions!
    but goodness, he's awesome!

  2. I've read his blog as well a few times he is great. I hope your having a relaxing day. How was the social skills class did mehmed like it?