Monday, June 14, 2010

Thanks for the reminder Sherry!

LOL, yes, I did forget I had a blog again... I guess it's just not as interesting when you're not off travelling the world.
Not much to update... Mehmed started on a slow-release form of Ritalin in February. The complaints from the school have virtually died off which is WONDERFUL, and they even allow him to line up and go to the washroom at the same time as the other students, which sounds weird, but his reactions to the hustle and bustle were quite extreme - lots of screaming or acting out if he felt too jostled. So, he's definately made progress, thank God.

But I have done some web-reading on the drug and found that it can be very dangerous for the heart (particularly when used long term). When he first started he lost about 2 lbs in 1 month, but I've been giving him Slimfast and other protein based milkshakes, especially in his school lunches because that is the time of day he virtually refuses to eat (when he's medicated). They seem to be working because he has grown 1 inch and gained 5 lbs since February (I guess that means he's gained 7 since he lost the other 2). The other problem I find is that he is now far MORE hyper than he ever used to be, particularly in the evenings when it starts to wear off and on the many days (weekends and what not) that I don't give him any. I'm looking forward to the 2 month summer break so that I can see exactly how long it takes his body to return to the way he was before (hopefully minus the tantrums, aggression and a with just enough maturation that he has a little more self-control).
8 more days of school until summer officially begins and my freedom officially ends!
Oh well, at least I will still have my Wednesday group! (Gather with a bunch of women at the mosque or in our homes for reading & religious discussion. And we can't gather without lots of goodies and tea ;) - it's definately my favorite day of the week).
Well I guess that's all I've got to blog about for maybe another 6 months? JK - maybe we'll have some fun things to blog about this summer....
P.S. Thanks again for the nudge Sherry ;) - but having only 1 child I guess I just have far less going on so it's so much easier to forget. Your blog is waaaayyy more interesting.... That and having Grandma right downstairs means 1 less person wanting to read the updates.


  1. Great update, sounds like your little guy is making amazing progress too. If he has tons of energy you should sign him up for one of the kids triathlon happening later this summer. My boys competed yesterday and loved it.

    I hope your kidding about 6 months. I love reading your blog. Keep it up when you find sometime. I hope we can get together this summer sometime.

  2. well, you've still got a cousin who likes to hear your stories!

    Looking forward to seeing you this summer :)