Friday, November 5, 2010

A week in the life of Mehmed.....

4 weeks to the day that I forgot to medicate him, I forgot again... It must be something about Mondays.... This is a breakdown of what happened on Monday...  He apparently crawled around on the floor for most of the day.   When I picked him up at 3:20 he was crawling down the hall and both his teachers rolled their eyes and said that had pretty much been their entire day....   He made constant noises (probably his infamous pssssshhhhh psssshhhh crrrraaaaaasssshhhh noises) throughout the day, particularly disturbing during lesson time, pulled a mooner sometime around the end of the day, disappeared from the library where the class was having a lesson, and when he was informed by the teacher and his EA how his disappearance had frightened them (the library is near the front door of the school and they actually thought he might have left the school), his response was simply, "Well, I knew where I was"....   And there wasn't a chance in hell that he could have learned anything that day... focus was simply non-existent.  Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the hands on because even his teachers, who normally emphasize that sort of thing first, I think whatever it was just paled in comparison to the rest of their day.  Bear in mind that he's now 7 and in grade 2.   The SERT basically wrote a note in his agenda saying that his EA is a saint.   Can't say I disagree.   
Now I'm just recording it here because, well, it's probably a good idea to record stuff like this to remind myself on those days that I feel guilty for medicating him.   I have to feel guiltier for not medicating him... it deprives him of a day in which he can focus and actually benefit from school, never-mind the hell that it puts the teachers through.   Now, that's what happens when he's not medicated.   On days that he is medicated, I still get notes or information about random things like trying to hit a group of girls with a stick, standing in peoples faces and talking like Sylvester the cat (not funny for the recipients of all that saliva).  And that was just this week.   Ironically enough, even though I should NOT laugh at all this stuff, when you hear about everything all together, and days have passed since it all went down, and he's nowhere in ears reach, then sometimes it does bring out a bit of a giggle.   But PLEASE don't anyone tell that to his teachers.   And I totally welcome suggestions on end of year teacher gifts.....  If only I was a millionaire.....

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