Saturday, May 9, 2009

4 weeks left to Turkey!

Oh my gosh, I can't believe how quickly it's coming. I'm nowhere near ready. I haven't even taken the luggage down from the garage or made a list of things to do before we go or a list of what to bring. And nevermind the fact that I prepared a great learning book to teach Mehmed some basic Turkish and we haven't even been spending any time learning!!!!
But his dairy-free diet seems to be going well. It's always good when you get less complaints from the school about hyperactivity, disturbing other kids, arguing with the teacher, or even worse doing something that hurts another kid. It's embarrassing to be told your very big SK boy has punched a rather small JK girl in the face just because she was copying him.
Yesterday was a bad day too - I'm trying SO hard to keep my voice down when dealing with him - when he starts saying things to me like "DO IT RIGHT NOW!" I start to hear myself coming at me - which is a pain because it's not like I yell at him all the time - but those slip ups obviously come back to bite me - so I'm finding other ways to get him to cooperate. It sure is a pain to have to have a 1/2 hour conversation with a kid about why he should just get in the car because we have to pick up Grandma from the hospital, and that no, I don't have time to complete his home-made maze right now. All the while he's screaming at you. (Yes, she had her knee surgery yesterday). Lesson learned - don't forget to warn him at least 15 minutes before going anywhere, that we have to go somewhere....
So mom is home from her knee surgery, she had a painful night last night but she's doing ok. Keeping it elevated today with some ice.
Well, I guess I better get off my duff and start checking some things off my list - first thing to do - make a list.

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  1. Hey Sue, your blogging is great. I'm glad to hear you feel the dairy free diet is helping. I hope your mom is feeling better now and is up and about.