Sunday, May 31, 2009

1 week left before we fly (inshAllah)

Ah! One week left until we fly to Turkey (inshAllah = God-willing)!!! Yay!!! I have 2 bags packed and 5 to go. Hopefully I won't need all 5, and we can just carry empty bags (one inside the other) so that we have room to bring back souvenirs....

Mehmed is doing all right, I can really see a difference with this anxiety medication he's on. Yesterday, I missed a dose, and by dinner time he was back to being miserable. I promptly gave him one, but I also know that once they get used to this medication, they really get used to it. So if I ever want him to come off it, I will have to prepare all of us for a few weeks of misery. And he's only on a quarter dose.

Looking forward to spending time in Istanbul! Itinerary so far: 7 nights in Istanbul, 5 days in the South-Western province of Mugla (silent g), at a little Islamic resort. It'll be nice to swim in a ladies-only pool!!! Then after that we might pass through Pamukkale on our way to his sister in Ankara.

Here's a couple of sketches my little man just drew.... I wish we had a mini scanner we could take with us - I'm going to get him to try to "journal" the trip from his 5 yr old perspective... :)

This one says "Frum Mehmed For Mothr". It's a flower, we're feeding it with plant food, and a worm is flying through the sky yelling "BB".

He drew the roots under the flower, and the orange things are worm trails. Am I totally biased, or is this totally cute?
Well, who knows, maybe the next time I blog I'll be sitting in a Çay Bahçe (Tea Garden) in Turkey! :) (God-willing).

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  1. I love the art work. I hope you have a great time on your trip and enjoy every minute of it. Your blog is great .. keep writing.