Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Energizer Bunny is in Istanbul!!!

Oh boy, we're here at last! Our planes were all on schedule but man does it ever seem like a long journey when you can't sleep comfortably.... We got on our first flight last night around 8pm, and right now it only reads 1 pm on my computer, but here in Istanbul it's actually 8 pm, so it feels really long. The journey was uneventful except for the rocky landing we had in Istanbul - the plane circled the city for about 20 minutes, then as we descended you could see the wings rocking back and forth. And then, when the wheels touched down, it almost seemed like the pilot had slammed on the breaks and we were screeching along on a country dirt road. But once he came to a stop, we are all fine - maybe he thinks driving a plane is the same as the way people drive their cars around Istanbul (man, that's scary).
Anways, yesterday (Monday) we got up at 4:45 am, slept later for about 1 hour (about 7-8 a.m.), cleaned all day (my bad, shoulda done it on Sunday, instead I was still packing on Sunday), then got on the road from home about 3pm - and travelled all night. I slept for about 15-30 minutes maybe 3 times during the entire trip. Mehmed slept from about 11:30 pm our time until we got off the plane in Munich, around 4 am our time. I carried him part way, but the movement really woke him up and he's been going strong all day.... VERY hyper, VERY inattentive, driving Mom & Dad both a little insane. I reached a boiling point at a shuttle bus in Munich, but Orhan reminded me that we are all very tired, blah blah blah.... then of course Orhan reached his boiling point at the Ataturk Airport.
Imagine travelling with the Energizer Bunny, only the Energizer Bunny doesn't travel in a straight line, he bounces from left to right and spins at random (highly unpredictable) intervals - and it's your responsibility to keep the Energizer Bunny safe and sound, only the Energizer Bunny cannot be programmed to move in the direction you want it to!
Anyways, we've been here for about 4 hours now, settled into the hotel room, freshened up, little walk around the very old section of Istanbul (called SultanAhmet), had some nice kofte (Turkish meatballs) for dinner & went to pray in the SultanAhmet Camii (The Blue Mosque). Then we had tea at a "çay bahçe" ("tea garden", pronouced chai bah-chay) & marvelled at the fact that we actually can't believe we're here. I guess it's taking us longer to drink in the pleasure when the Energizer Bunny is still distracting us from the sights & sounds.... so far the only injuries he's caused to himself are a fat lip, skinned hands and maybe an extra new bruise or two.... Anyways, I'm hoping that with a good nights rest tonight, and a proper schedule tomorrow, we might have a more co-operative day from our little man.... Plus we'll have the cameras around with us tomorrow so hopefully I can get some pictures posted!!!!
Well, that's all for now, I'm going to gaze out my window at the Bosphorus!

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